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What is Atart: Atart name means an ATAri Receiver and Transmitter. It links the Atari 8-bit computer, the Atari casette dataset (it is another name for Atari casette data recorder) and the PC together and transfers program or data between these devices.

What Atart can do and when do you need it: Atart has three modes of operation:

  • Mode 1A-data tranfer from a casette to a PC. It usefull if you want transfer some data or program from Atari casette and save it to the PC file. Atart reads data directly from the casette and warn of errors straightaway. No sampling to sound files is needed.
  • Mode 2A-data transfer from an Atari to a PC. Use it if you want to use some Atari program which cannot work with disk and it can work with casette only. This situation can come on when an Atari program can work with disk, but the disk driver is lost. Casette handler is available always.
  • Mode 2B-data transfer from a PC to an Atari. You can use it for loading .CAS files into an Atari or if you can load any other data to an Atari in casette mode.
Other properties: It is possible to transfer your text files or program sources from the casette to the simple PC file without any additional data. You can use these files directly in some PC text editors or compilators!

Atart contains a casette archives editor (*.CAS files editor).

For the modes 1 and 2A (not for mode 2B) you need an Atart interface. It is very simple thing, only little more complicated than a SIO2PC interface and it can work as a SIO2PC interface too. For the mode 2A you must have an AFMS board.

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