Fixed games

Some atari games contain a bug making the game complicated or impossible to finish. I successfully fixed the bug in some games. This my activity can be recognised as violating of the rights of original authors. I hope, at this time, there is no problem because these games are not being traded for tens of years. If there is a problem, please contact me by email sdq(at) and I will take the game off this web.


Did you play this interresting puzzle game? Did you stop at the compound #11 Diaminomethane shown on the image left?

Of course, you stopped here. This puzzle is impossible to solve! However, I changed the initial position of one element as seen on the image right and made the puzzle solvable. Here you can download the fixed game and enjoy the remaining puzzles!


In the original version of this game, the mission 7 is impossible to finish because of bug in the room on the image below.

Program crashes when you leave the room. I fixed this bug, you can download the fixed game here.